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Ancor Heavy Duty Lugs

Looking for a heavy-duty lug laces? look no further than ancor. Our 40-gauge wire lug wrenching laces are made of post-welded 506-thread-piped wire. They are post-damaged-resistant, and are hardwearing for years. So why not use them for your shopping cart or wall-gravure? plus, we offer a 10-pacualing warranty for those who experience problems.

Cheap Ancor Heavy Duty Lugs

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Top 10 Ancor Heavy Duty Lugs

These heavy duty lugs are a great choice for a variety of applications. 12 gauge wire they are able to handle with out loseing contact with the metal. This makes them perfect for a variety of tasks. 252267 is the upc number for these lugs. They are 2 gauge wire and are 12 post. They are also 18" lugs and are 2-pack. this is a 30-gauge wire pre-packaged at ancor. It has 12 post 2-pack lug numbers and is made of plastic. It is heavy-duty and will last long in your vehicle. this package of 4 gauge wire ancor heavy duty lugs is for use with 2-pack 252254. They are 26" long and have a 2-pack 252244 option that is 4" longer. They are made of low-tack material and are stable and strong. These lugs are a great choice for machines that require heavy weight. are you looking for a heavy-duty, 38-post lug job? you're in luck! Ancor has heavy-duty lug jobs in both 10 and 38-post sizes. The 10-ga. Lug job is in 2 colors - black and white - and is perfect for use in a truck or vehicle. The 38-ga. Lug job is in 1 color - black - and is perfect for use in a car. These heavy-duty lug jobs are made of tough, bi-metal material and come in two sizes - 10 ga. And 38 ga. For a heavy-duty, tight-grip job, go with ancor's heavy-duty lug job.