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Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This heavy duty extension cord is double insulated and grounded. It has a 16 gauge general purpose wire in it. It is extra-long enough to reach up to 2 stories high. This extension cord is perfect for a large public address system, a data entry job, or any other heavy duty application.

Heavy Duty Extension Cord Amazon

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Heavy Duty Extension Cord Walmart

This heavy duty extension cord is for use with outdoor devices such as outdoor tvs, outdoor pool tables, and heavy duty tv systems. The extension cord is pack with a black color and has a 10 foot long length. It is easy to use and is perfect for outdoors enthusiasts and businesses. this heavy-duty extension cord is perfect for outdoors enthusiasts or anyone who wants to extend power to their vehicle. The black cable is 6810152550100 foot long and features a heavy gauge 061 polarization. It is also certified for use with both manual and electric vehicles. It is made of high-quality technology electrical cord and is long enough to connect to your electrical wiring. It is naacp approved and has a black color that will look great in any room. this heavy duty extension cord has three electrical power outlets and is 10 inches in length with a black finish. It comes with five prong tips and is associated with the idea of reliability and product quality. This cord is guaranteed for a 10 year warranty.