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Heavy Duty Micro Usb Cable

This heavy duty micro usb cable will help you to charge your devices quickly and easily. With its micro usb type c connector, it makes it easy to transfer files between devices.

Heavy Duty Micro Usb Cable Target

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Heavy Duty Micro Usb Cable Amazon

This is an original oem micro usb charger fast charging cable for samsung android phones. It comes with a support for 3a/5w and protects the devices against short circuits and overcharging. It is heavy-duty and perfect for busy people who need fast charging. this heavy duty micro usb cable is perfect for using with android or lg cells phone cells that have a micro usb type c port. The cable has a heavy duty connector for a long lifespan and is equipped with a samsung or lg charger. This cable is perfect for otg and usb 3. 1 type c charging. This cable is also easy to use as it has a built in micro usb to 3x plus academic connector for faster charging. This cable is made from high-quality materials and has a fast charging speed. You'll be able to get your devices fully charged in no time.